What is the best way to set up your Google ads in 2022?

Google Ads are possibly the greatest tool you can add to your business. This is no secret. It’s possible to multiply your business potential dramatically.

However, if you set up your Google Ads account incorrectly, you could be throwing your funds away without reason. Therefore, you must set up your Google Ads account to best suit your business needs. So, today we will look at the best way to set up your Google Ads in 2022.

How Google Ads Work

Before you even set up a Google Ads account, you need to understand how their ad system works and how Google will promote your business. The account setup is relatively simple and is optimized for the average person to create the ad and let it do its thing.

While this may work well for many businesses, you will want to ensure you get the best outcome from every cent you put into it. Google works on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising scheme and only works well when optimizing your ads for specific audiences.

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When you create the Google Ads account, Google provides a questionnaire that helps you decide the type of ad you want to create (display, Google search, or video).

Once you’ve made your selections, uploaded all the ad information, and selected your budget, Google takes care of the rest… usually

Google wants to ensure they are not creating unnecessary spam for the end-user. Therefore, Google will run a “quality score” on each ad to ensure it’s valuable. 

They will look at different metrics, such as:

  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Keywords
  • Website quality
  • Landing page experience
  • Previous Ad history

The quality score will determine whether Google will display your ad to the public and how much you need to pay for PPC. This helps the businesses determine whether their ads need improvements before going public.

Floeo provides a service where we run Google Ads on your company’s behalf. We have the experience to ensure the highest optimization for each ad.

Step-by-Step to optimize your Google ads in 2022

The goal of optimizing your Google ads is to increase your quality score. Although you can’t control every aspect of your quality score, you can make every attempt to improve your ad to score well. 

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Your CTR, keywords, landing page, and ad quality are all areas you can improve when creating your ad. If you can increase your quality score, you can save up to 50% on your ads.

Step 1: Improve your keywords

When creating your ad, you need to target a specific audience; the more specific, the better. You, therefore, need to make sure your keywords match the content you are putting out there.

If the content does not work well with the keyword, Google will give you a “below average” status for your keyword selection.

  • Ensure both the language and the text are directed to match the search term.
  • Avoid broad keywords. Instead of using the keyword “Monitor,” use the item you are providing, “144hz monitor 27 inch.”
  • Group keywords to create a relevant “theme.” The theme should be based on the product or service you provide.

Multiple tools are available to help find the best relevant keywords to match your ads. For example, Keywords Everywhere is an online tool that lists specific keywords that should improve your keyword research.

Step 2: Improving your Clickthrough Rate

Your clickthrough rate (CTR) is calculated by the number of times an ad is shown vs. the number of times it is clicked on.

Ensuring you have a high clickthrough rate is difficult as this would directly correlate with your ads’ visual quality. Google has its own methods to ensure it doesn’t need to show your ad to unnecessary users. However, if you’ve targetted the ad correctly and the CTR is low, then your ad needs visual and compelling changes.

  • Edit the text of your ad to create a more compelling offer.
  • Carefully choose which details you can add to ensure it’s easy to read and contains relevant information.
  • Highlight important aspects such as low pricing or free shipping.
  • Create a call to action: Let the user know you are selling or have options to suit their need for the item/service they want.
  • Be specific and to the point.
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Creating an ad with a high CTR is difficult as humans have learned to drown out the hundreds of ads they see every day. Major platforms struggle to create compelling ads. This is why we offer marketing services that will create an ad worth clicking on. Reach out to us for a quote today.

Step 3: Update your website’s landing page.

There is no point in presenting a high-quality ad to the end-user when the landing page does not match the same quality. Therefore, if your quality score for the landing page is “below average,” it may need an update.

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There are many methods to create a user-friendly and inviting UI, but finding a balance between the two is difficult.

  • Ensure your landing page links directly to the product. If your ad is for a “144hz monitor 27 inch”, ensure your landing page links directly to a range of 144hz monitors available. Ensure you have the exact same item in your ad displayed on the landing page.
  • Make sure your ad’s call to action (CTA) matches the possibility on the landing page. If your ad is to sell an item, ensure the item is available. Furthermore, ensure the landing page is the purchase page.
  • Ensure the landing page’s user-interface flows well. If your site looks pretty yet is not user-friendly, it’s an ineffective website. The end-user may not trust the webpage if your site is user-friendly, but it looks like it was designed in the early 2000s.

Final Words

Google has developed a module that helps increase revenue for Google ad clients. The system benefits the end-user, the client, and Google. They have improved their service each year, and it’s a great idea to include Google ads in your business marketing plans.

Take the necessary steps to improve your ad’s overall quality score, and watch as your business grows in 2022. It may be an overwhelming task to take on, but when you break it down and improve the different sections of the quality score that you have control over.

The best way to set up your Google ads in 2022 is to utilize Google’s tools and optimize the ad accordingly.