Every month on the "Biggest" retainer you'll get 🚀

Content Creation

Design and copywriting of social media posts in your companies own “voice and tone”

Ad Campaigns

Creating and placing ads directing your potential customers to your product or service.

Community Engagement

Interacting with your fans, followers and customers on your behalf, answering questions and keeping your community happy with your brand online.

Monthly Reporting

Digital marketing is measurable so we report back monthly on social media campaigns, newsletter opens, website traffic and basically anything that can be tracked that we do, prepared for you in one digestible monthly report so you can better decide what is working for you and what is not.

2 Blog Post per month

We will write blogs on behalf of your brand or service in your brand's own unique “voice and tone” With exception of our “biggest package” blogs which will be written up to 1200 words, all other blogs will be up to a maximum of 400 words. Blogs are a great way for getting your website ranked higher by Google.

1 Newsletter per month

We will write and send out a monthly newsletter for your customers / subscribers. We will design and write newsletters on behalf of your brand or service in your brand's own unique “voice and tone”

Up to 6 automations

We can streamline your business processes by creating flows / automations that do the “job” of a human so you have more time to focus on other parts of your business. Optimize and automate almost ANY of your business processes. We connect whatever apps you use to each other.

Custom Website Development

We will design and develop your website - building or maintaining new pages or features as required making sure your website always looks great and is working across any device. This is an ongoing monthly service, limited to a set number of hours per month.

Sales Funnels / Campaigns

We will design and create landing pages and sales funnels to which we will drive your leads and customers. This is an ongoing monthly service, limited to a set number of hours per month.

1 Custom Video per month

Videos are the fastest way to consume information and to give your customers a “feel” of your product or service. Our videos will be scripted, made and edited using royalty free stock footage and audio. The style of video is motion graphic / stock video and limited to a maximum of 30sec. It excludes a voice artist recording but if one is supplied to us we can include that in the edit.

1 Podcast per month

We will produce your podcast episode of up to but not more than 10minutes. We will edit your supplied audio removing all awkward silences, “ums and ahhs” and giving it your own unique brand sound and jingles.

Quarterly Strategy Workshop

These workshops are the roadmap to a strategic marketing approach across all of your marketing channels. We bring on board various key team members to strategize a way forward auditing what has and is being done and planning the way forward for your company's marketing efforts in detail.

Ad hoc marketing tasks

Any other marketing task you need us to help with we can take care of for you at your request. This is an ongoing monthly service, limited to a set number of hours per month.

People just like you have been saying...

Lindsay LlewellynLindsay Llewellyn
15:46 16 May 22
The team at Floeo are incredible - without a doubt one of the best creative teams I've worked with. They built a website for my business, Become DAPPER, and have helped us to create sites for a number of our clients. I've reached out to them with all sorts of concerns - big and small - or to run an idea past them, and they have never failed to respond with urgency, care and optimism. They've gone the extra mile every time. I'd highly recommend Floeo to anyone needing a website designed, or to anyone looking for ongoing marketing support.
15:37 16 May 22
Floeo don't just go with the flow; they create it - and they've kept us moving through each stage of business growth no matter what! Since day one of Become DAPPER, Floeo has been there to support us with website development, creative input, concept design and UX design, and have been an incredible strategic partner to us too. The Floeo team are experts in their field, and exceed expectations time and time again. Highly recommend this A team!
Ross du PreezRoss du Preez
06:43 05 May 22
"For love and stuff" says a lot about Floeo. Technical intelligence, social savvy and love for their game make them a preferred digital marketing agency to many significant players across a broad spectrum of economic sectors.
Emma DonovanEmma Donovan
15:49 29 Apr 22
Working with the Floeo team is an absolute dream - they have mastered the art of being professional and creative simultaneously, and manage to raise the bar on each project we collaborate on. I highly recommend their services.
Kathleen LeeKathleen Lee
11:33 29 Apr 22
Jason and his Floeo team offer creative, strategic solutions to your digital needs. I thoroughly enjoy working with them and know that my brief will be delivered on time and within the prescribed budget.