Creating New Content: A Guide to Uniqueness

Welcome to the world of unique content and search engine optimisation! If you want to stand out from the crowd and rocket your website to the top of search rankings, you’ve come to the right place 🤩 💯


What’s the deal with Unique Content?

It’s all about being original and different. Unique content is writing, images, or videos that you can call your own and isn’t just a copy-and-paste job from somewhere else. Search engines go gaga over this type of content, and it’ll give your website the boost it deserves in search results. Plus, it’ll keep your audience coming back for more with its fresh perspectives and engaging content ✅

Why is Unique Content so dang important?

Here’s why you should make it a priority:

  • It creates a bond with your audience that’ll last a lifetime
  • You’ll attract more backlinks, which is like music to Google’s ears
  • Your Domain Authority will soar
  • Great content means great communication and sales for you!

Duplicated and Plagiarised Content: Boo!

Duplicated content is like having two of the same t-shirt in your closet – it just doesn’t make sense! 🤔

When the exact text appears in multiple places on a single URL, it can confuse search engines, and they won’t know which one is the real deal. The solution? Get creative with your words and put your spin on things. And when it comes to plagiarism, that’s just a no-no! Google doesn’t tolerate it, and you could get penalised.


The Secret to Unique Content: Yay!

Creating unique content is like being the only person with a one-of-a-kind t-shirt – it makes you stand out! But don’t worry; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make your content original. 

Here’s a roadmap to help you create killer content: 👇

  1. Keyword Research: Know what people are searching for by researching keywords. Sprinkle those keywords in your content like fairy dust!
  1. Create a Persona: Get to know your audience by creating a persona based on demographics, goals, and values. This will help you understand what kind of content they want to see.
  1. Ideation: With a clear understanding of your target audience, you can brainstorm ideas for content that will keep them engaged.
  1. Content Calendar: Plan and organise your content with a calendar. Include your goals, deadlines, schedule, writing style guide, and preferred content types.
  1. Content Creation: Get those creative juices flowing and start writing! Don’t sweat the small stuff; you can always make edits later. And remember to proofread!
  2. Promote the Content: Get your content in front of as many people as possible by promoting it. Content promotion and SEO optimisation go hand-in-hand in today’s digital world.

To wrap things up, having a website packed with original and one-of-a-kind content is a surefire way to boost your search engine standings and set yourself apart from the crowd 🙌

By doing some keyword research, figuring out who your target audience is, coming up with some killer ideas, planning with a content calendar, crafting compelling pieces, and getting the word out there, you’re on the road to success!