Faith, Hope, Love.

...the greatest is love, & sometimes stuff :)

We do not have to have lived a long life to realize that life is not about ourselves. Its about loving others in what you do. That is really what this love & stuff deal s about.

The Love

From time to time we love to hold free workshops (sometimes online, sometimes in the ‘real world’) where we meet with business owners and whoever wants to attend, teaching them how to better their marketing strategies, websites and marketing tools.

We love what we do, and so we love others in what we do.If you want to know when our next free workshop is, seriously it costs NOTHING, then sign up to our newsletter so you can be notified of the next free workshop.

The Stuff

Another thing we do sometimes is take a portion of funds generated by select projects we are working on or have worked on and use it to better the lives of other humans. Yes, OTHER humans. It is seriously one of the most rewarding things you can do with money. Try it sometime.

When we do, we may write a blog post about it where you can read all about the stuff experiences. If you would like to be notified of when we next assault someone with love & stuff, sign up to our newsletter.

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