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Hi, my name is Jason. I’m a Digital Media Director and Consultant – flip that’s a long title.

Having previously worked as the ‘Director of Social Media’ at a leading  marketing company, I have a good few years experience behind me working with clients from retail outlets to rock stars, seriously. I have also been a guest speaker at G South Africa 2.0 (Google South Africa’s annual big ‘shindig’) in 2011. Here’s a photo and another.

All this experience led me to founding Floeo in 2012. Damn, that was a good move! :)

small - like dynamite
Jason Mark
Jason Mark
Founder, Digital Media Strategy
Rocky Heath
Rocky Heath
Graphic Design
Steven Freitag
Steven Freitag
Film Director
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks
Web Developer

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The internet has made the world smaller and WAY more connected. That connection is what we love to focus on. Creating experiences that make people connect, reflect and discuss.

We are strategic in our approach and believe if its not measurable its not useful, and we won’t do it. :) Seriously.
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Social media marketing.


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Custom themed sites.

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Manage entire social media profiles.


On social media marketing.

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Social Media, Websites & Beautiful Films.

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